Mother Earth Vids:


The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

This is an amazing speech by Severn Suzuki to the United Nations. This was in 1992, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, also known as the Rio Summit, Earth Summit (or, in Portuguese, Eco ‘92), a major conference held in Rio de Janeiro.


This is absolutely beautiful to see. I wish our marketing world was filled with more of these beautiful ladies:

By artist Holly Norris


Select link above to view more from Holly Norris.


This is an excellent video to watch about how mother earth is transformed into things we use everyday. It exposes everything and everyone that is involved in the process. Some of the stats may amaze you.


Advertising culture vids:


Culture Jamming Sexploitation -Would Yah?

A video exposing the sexualization of girls in the marketing world. Boycott companies who exploit the sexuality of girls to sell their products.


Dove Evolution

A Dove campaign revealing the distorted view of beauty presented by advertisements. It is a great video for teaching meadia/visual literacy. Everyone exposed to the advertising culture could benefit form watching this.


“Kids are getting older, younger!”

This is a segment from the Today Show, where consumer reporter, Janice Lieberman, discusses the way little girls are being overly sexualized in the mass media. We should feel bad for robbing their youth. But do we really?


“If womyn ruled the world and made corporate rules what kind of rules would we have?” Excellent short documentary discussing this very question.


People talk period.


Powerful poetry by Kendra Urdang

This piece is powerful in that it brings extremes of brilliant empowerment and disabling hatred. Some of the comments left on the youtube site “telling the world what they think about feminism” are literally mad, revealing the hatred of some men towards womyn. Pretty much proves her fervent point.

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