A Powerful Piece of Feminism

Powerful poetry by Kendra Urdang

This piece is powerful in that it brings extremes of brilliant empowerment and disabling hatred. Some of the comments left on the youtube site “telling the world what they think about feminism” are literally mad, revealing the hatred of some men towards womyn. Pretty much proves her fervent point.

YouTube comments

vbritsi (5 days ago)

this woman is a typical leftist bitch. people like her use bogus statistics to claim that a billion women are raped every milli-second and that all men are collectively responsible for it

chrpowell (1 week ago)

bitch needs to shut up and make me a sandwich.

Feminism is just like the Ku Klux Klan, except they hate men instead of black people.

Feminism is just another garden-variety hate movement. Going on and on about how horrible the male half of humanity isn’t “empowring.” It’s bigotry.

TheRainbowRapist (1 month ago)

If women were in the house cooking and cleaning, their chances of being raped would be reduced significantly. So really feminists themselves are indirectly responsible for allowing a large percentage of rapes to occur.


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