Yin Yoga Teacher Training August 2010 -Journaling

I blogged about my experience with Moksha TT (teacher training) I might as well blog about this experience too. I arrived in vancouver last night by plane. I took the sky train to a station close to where I’m staying and decided to walk for an hour to get to my destination. My luggage was on rollers so no biggie … until 45 mins later when my forearms were quite tired, but worth it. I feel as though living rurally the chances are few to walk from point A to point B so who cares that I’m dragging luggage on rollers for an hour.

Upon my arrival to this stranger’s apartment she and her roommate greeted me with smiles and hospitality. It was quite hard trying to find a reasonably priced place to stay. I couldn’t find anything under $720 for 8 days so I put an add on kijiji and a womyn replied and offered a comfy bed, use of her washroom and fridge for $200. Great deal although there’s always the risk about what person you will meet on the other side of the door. So far, so good.

So Yin teacher training went well over all. It’s taught by Bernie Clark. He seems quite knowledgeable. We had a Yin class this morning (after intros), then a 2 hour breakfast break, which is kind of odd because we don’t get a lunch break until the class ends at 3:45 pm. For breakfast I headed to the market on Granville Island with a lady from Edmonton who teaches Moksha yoga, I’m quite enjoying getting to know her, she’s very sweet. We ate and then sat in the sun by the sea and smelt the salt water and watched birds watch us. Wow… how lucky am I!

Upon our return to class we learnt about the anatomy behind the yin practice. Something I learnt that stands out the most is that our bodies need stress. It was interesting to hear that because we are so used to hearing how much stress is bad.  It is not that stress is bad it is the fact that we don’t give our bodies the right amount of rest in between stress. Nasa apparently did this experiment with a Biodome in the desert.  8 people were to live in it for 2 years. Turns out the trees could not hold up their branches because they did not have wind to help create stress on them. I didn’t think wind was necessary for tree branches growing healthy, and apparently neither did Nasa.

A Yin yoga practice ends up putting stress on the joints and our connective tissue but in a very gentle way and this in turn makes us stronger.

After class I went back to the Granville market to scope out some prepared food for the next few days and realized it was really expensive and not even that healthy, weird for a market, although the fruits and vegetables looked very tasty. I then headed to Moksha yoga, of course I have to take a class every day while I’m here, I don’t have this luxury back home. I walked an hour and came across more organic markets than in all of edmotnon. The choices were plenty. This is definitely my kind of street.

Lilies on my parents acreage. August 2010.

Vancouver, I’m discovering, is really pretty when it’s sunny. There are so many lushes trees and plants. People bike a lot and the culture overall is tres focused on health. If only it wasn’t so expensive, had more sun and wasn’t on an earthquake line cause this city so far is really stunning!

I decided not to bring my camera. Time for a ‘taking pic. break’ and I’m just more conscious of lugging stuff around. However Melodie took quite a few pictures at my very fun burday party last weekend so I’ll post some of those along with a few I also took.

Tour of my mom's garden with a few of the lovely people who celebrated my b-day with me.

Thanks for reading! A demain.

Day 6 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

I have to bring up meditation again because it really does blow my mind. The instructions seems so simple yet executing it is far from simple.

Let’s review one of the the meditation practices again:

1. Bring attention to the breath

2. Notice when the mind is wandering

3. Bring attention back to the breath

4. Repeat step 2 – 3 a billion times

It’s a loop, a circle of sorts and the only reason you do step 2-3 and 4 is because you can’t do step one with the required amount of focus. It baffles me how I can focus on watching a tv show yet I can’t focus on my own breath for more than a minute or so without having it wandering (and I’m being generous with the minute).  This makes me think of the power of the mind on its own. Our teacher described it almost like an organ, doing it’s own thing.  Good thing I have  a lot more control over my bladder.

Learning about meditation has been fascinating, incredible actually. And being able to put it in practice everyday feeds into my learning style, hands on approach. Ya baby. There really is too much to resume in a few paragraphs because it really pushes the boundaries about how we think, literally. I’m definitely inspired to keep learning about it and teach it to others and incorporating it into yoga classes.

So I’m guessing some of you are wondering how I’m doing with the whole energy thing. I who LOVES my sleep and needs sleep to feel as though I can have a good day. Well, I’m learning that taking naps throughout the day is almost like the equivalent to having a cup of coffee. It’s awesome!

A perfect example of how to nap during breaks.

I don’t necessarily nap-nap. But I definitely lie down and find myself in a deep resting state.  So far this is working quite well. Which leads me to think more workplaces need a hammock or lying resting area for employees. I know a coffee pot is cheaper and doesn’t take as much room but beyond the financial bottom line, it seems it would be better for the bottom line of our well being. Perhaps in a decade or so? Perhaps the working culture will shift? Perhaps there will be meditation/yoga rooms at workplaces too? Now that would be bliss!