Recipe Tab

I have started a new section on my blog called Recipes. Sometimes we take certain skill sets for granted and this blinds us from recognizing it as a valuable asset. For me, it’s cooking. My mother and my health have nurtured these skills and it’s time I share them with more people than those who are close to me. It will be slow in the the making as I will be adding recipes here and there however hopefully in the end it will become a valuable resource for people who live with a sensitive gut. Most of my recipes are “easy to digest” recipes. The tester: my gut for the past 20 years. It doesn’t mean what works for me will work for your gut, however hopefully some of the recipes will work. You can also contribute by sending recipes or feedback.

I have to say I’ve been quite lucky re: cooking healthy food because great joy is felt every time I cook and savour my or other peoples healthy creations. Seriously. I live with a gut disease and one of the things that help manage it gives me great joy, every day. That’s pretty cool. Cheers to having to eat everyday!

I would like to add that if you have health challenges one of my biggest revelations re: my own health struggles is that I am my own master. Your doctor may have a phd in medicine but after a while you have a phd in your illness because not only have you researched it but you lived it, you feel it. Don’t ever underestimate the power of listening to what your body has to say. It knows best.

Here are a few pictures taken at a healthy cooking retreat my dearest friend Karena and I created last summer. We spent a week in Nelson where you can find all the fine healthy ingredients you could ever want. We stayed at a hostel and used their kitchen and some of the hostellers became our taste testers. She brought a great book along: Skinny bitch in the Kitch I think it was called and we cooked vegan recipes and yum was it good!

Karena cutting a piece of the tastiest chocolate brownie ever!

Karena leaving with a piece of the tastiest vegan chocolate brownie ever!