How often do you hear that womyn can be so dramatic. That we cause so much drama in our lives and in other people’s lives. That men just aren’t as dramatic as womyn. I don’t think I need to expand on this stereotype. Thing is I think this stereotype couldn’t be more wrong.

Have you ever sat in a legislature or parliament to witness how the people who represent us make political decision for everyone? And I probably don’t have to point out the fact that most of these people just so happen to be men. They yell, they scream, they call each other names. It’s worse than a classroom, any classroom. Even in a classroom with a substitute teacher, students create less drama.

Then there’s war. How can war not be dramatic. It is drama pushed to the extreme. Do we really need to take out our big guns to risk killing people, destroying families and wasting money that could instead be invested in education, health care, poverty issues? Over what? Over territory, religion, natural resources, power? Really? Really! Really.

I say quit your drama, quit dramatizing your power struggles and just maybe we could live with less damaging drama and more harmony.  Less soldiers more peace keepers! And please stop saying womyn are more dramatic because if womyn ruled this world drama wouldn’t be as violently dramatic. Period.

From ninjawitch's t-shirt series: It's Time the Period Came Out of the Closet

Another example of why periods make this world a better place.

This posting was inspired by an exchange I had with a childhood friend of mine who’s courage I honour greatly.