Day 2 and 3 -Vlogs (G8G20)

There is so much to write about our experience however I’m feeling intimidated by the time factor. I must go sleep.

For now here are the 2 vlogs we worked tirelessly on with a lot of soul and heart covering glimpse of what happened the weekend of the G8G20 in TO, June 26-27th, 2010. It wasn’t always easy being a participant and an observer at once but I think we pulled it off to the best of our ability.

The following Vlog is from Saturday. After a long day with 2.5 hours of sleep from the night before, sore feet, feeling sick from the tear gas, lost memory cards, (and much more) we managed to work on this from about midnight until 6 am on our front steps at the Hostel we were staying.  Ironically for half of the night there were a dozen cops dozing off on a few benches in the park right in front of us, only meters away.

The one below is the one we worked on Friday night as we encountered technical problems for many parts of the editing process while we were at a 24 hour coffee shop where half the customers through the night were cops. Karena’s perseverance made it so we finished the job. ❤

Headed to oppose the G20 in TO

This is a group of us headed to Quebec City in 2001 to oppose the FTAA.

My friend Melodie and I have left Edmonton this morning and are joined by our friend Karena from Calgary  as we are headed to protest and document the opposition to the G20 in Toronto, Ontario.  We will keep you posted as we go.