Recipes for naughty guts

I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease since I was 14. It has taught me plenty. One of the things it has taught me is healthy eating for a bad (compromised) gut. You will find below some of my recipes.

Disclaimer: although this food may work for my compromised gut it may not work for yours. Number 1 rule is ALWAYS listen to YOUR body. It knows best.

Yam ginger wrap


–       ½ a yam

–       fresh ginger

–       pine nuts

–       coconut oil

–       a large leaf of lettuce

–       pita bread

–       sea salt

–       brie cheese

–       avocado

Chop the yam in very thin cubes. Heat pan with coconut oil. Add yams and a pinch of sea salt. Cook for about 5 minutes. While it is cooking finely cut some fresh ginger and add this with your desired amount of pine nuts (if you use other nuts, try and soak them first, it helps break them down giving your gut less work to do). Take your wrap. Put your piece of lettuce, then add the yams and pine nuts. Then add your cheese and avocado. Voila! A Yam wrap. If I would have had some curry powder around I may have added that to the yams mixture as well while it was cooking, or just a little fresh turmeric (anti-inflammatory properties).

Tomato Bisque Soup with avocado and cheese

This is a great quick recipe


–       a can of Amy’s tomato bisque soup

–       fresh ginger

–       ½ carrot

–       ½ an avocado

–       soda crackers

–       feta cheese (I usually use goat feta)

Heat up your can and add some freshly minced or finely chopped ginger. Grate your half a carrot and add to soup. While it is heating/cooking with a lid. Take a bowl and cut up pieces of avocado. Add your crackers and feta cheese. Then pour your soup over and mix it all together. Yum.

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