Marie-Josée, Olympic Weightlifter, Wins 4th at Commonwealth Games

My sister amazed us with all her might beating her personal best at the Commonwealth Games and placing 4th in Olympic weightlifting. Watching her on a live stream channel on the web with an air card was like watching the scariest movie as a kid with an antenna you are moving around to desperately try and get a picture you’re not really sure you want to watch.  My palms were drenched in sweat as I could feel my heartbeat pounding. If I was feeling this nervous so far away and removed, I couldn’t imagine what is was like to be her.

The camera zoomed in on her pacing before her first lift. And then came the moment we were but weren’t waiting for, there she was on the platform bending down for the bar, holding on to it so tight. As she attempted to lift, she failed and had to let go of the bar. My heart sank. Did she attempt to try a higher weight than she was capable? She is a high achiever but was this going to get in the way of her performance? I just wanted to go through the computer screen and give her a big hug (something she is not a fan of but maybe at this moment she would be).

How was she going to get her 2nd lift up when her muscles were now more exhausted? I closed my eyes very tight and wished so very hard for her! Opening up one eye lid, there she was grabbing the bar for a second time and with her next exhale she started lifting giving it everything she had. There was no way that bar wasn’t going over her head. You could just tell in her face, she was giving everything she had. And for the next 5 lifts it was the same. The bar went over her head every time. These pictures show us a glimpse of this and so much more. These pictures are worth a 1000 words and some.

Truly Amazing.

My sister, My Shero!


Marie-Josée, Olympic Weightlifter, at Commonwealth Games.



Marie-Josée, Olympic Weightlifter, at Commonwealth Games.




My favourite picture! Marie-Josée, Olympic Weightlifter, at Commonwealth Games.


Day 11 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training


Today was a tired day, quite fitting for a day off. I felt so heavy, so lethargic, so slow. Speaking of slow, I must mention an odd observation I’ve made of myself: I’ve become one of the slowest walkers around, not just today but everyday since I’ve started the training. I shrug my shoulders to this.

No matter whether I was at work, getting groceries, heading to a restaurant, I used to be on fast walking auto pilot. I walked as though someone was chasing me. And I’ve walked like this for as long as I can remember and probably for as long as most of my friends and family can remember.

I noticed this slow walking thing about a week ago, I thought it was because I was tired. Then I noticed it again when I wasn’t tired. As I was walking, 95% of the people were trying to get ahead of me on the sidewalk. I actually don’t even have an explanation for it other than perhaps walking this new path is affecting my lifestyle as much as my walking style? Or that caffeine had my legs on speed?

Perhaps I’m much more of a mellow person than I thought I was, or maybe I’m still adjusting to all these changes.

News of the day: My favorite sister in the whole world has qualified to go to the Commonwealth games in New Delhi, India, for weight lifting. She is such an inspiration and role model. I love her with all my heart and no words can describe how proud I am of the courage she has had to continuously tap into in the past decade.  She’s a fan of Moksha and I’m a fan of her. Here’s a clip of her this year, lifting weights as my great friend Melodie and I were working on entering a video contest for a chip company.

This was filmed at one of her training spots at the Sapiniere, a wonderous and magical piece of land located near Spruce Grove in AB. Can you hear the birds cheering her on in the background?

I want to be like her when I grow up.