Day 6 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

I have to bring up meditation again because it really does blow my mind. The instructions seems so simple yet executing it is far from simple.

Let’s review one of the the meditation practices again:

1. Bring attention to the breath

2. Notice when the mind is wandering

3. Bring attention back to the breath

4. Repeat step 2 – 3 a billion times

It’s a loop, a circle of sorts and the only reason you do step 2-3 and 4 is because you can’t do step one with the required amount of focus. It baffles me how I can focus on watching a tv show yet I can’t focus on my own breath for more than a minute or so without having it wandering (and I’m being generous with the minute).  This makes me think of the power of the mind on its own. Our teacher described it almost like an organ, doing it’s own thing.  Good thing I have  a lot more control over my bladder.

Learning about meditation has been fascinating, incredible actually. And being able to put it in practice everyday feeds into my learning style, hands on approach. Ya baby. There really is too much to resume in a few paragraphs because it really pushes the boundaries about how we think, literally. I’m definitely inspired to keep learning about it and teach it to others and incorporating it into yoga classes.

So I’m guessing some of you are wondering how I’m doing with the whole energy thing. I who LOVES my sleep and needs sleep to feel as though I can have a good day. Well, I’m learning that taking naps throughout the day is almost like the equivalent to having a cup of coffee. It’s awesome!

A perfect example of how to nap during breaks.

I don’t necessarily nap-nap. But I definitely lie down and find myself in a deep resting state.  So far this is working quite well. Which leads me to think more workplaces need a hammock or lying resting area for employees. I know a coffee pot is cheaper and doesn’t take as much room but beyond the financial bottom line, it seems it would be better for the bottom line of our well being. Perhaps in a decade or so? Perhaps the working culture will shift? Perhaps there will be meditation/yoga rooms at workplaces too? Now that would be bliss!