Body Fat Culture

A girl/teenager who puts a lot of thought into the world we live in sent me the following picture:

She also mentioned how she recently read a survey demonstrating that womyn tend to care more about their body weight than men care about the body weight of womyn.

Are womyn the one’s who are ill guiding this culture to have a body who requires a size 0 to feel beautiful? Why do we care to have so little fat on our bodies? To become so obsessed with weight? Are many who are overweight actually eating their depression away with food? Why were we so depressed in the first place? Was it related to body image? Or feeling as though we did not fit in the parameters of what we define as beautiful?

I feel as though I should have this all figured out. I’m a grown womyn who has been putting thought into these things for a very long time and I’m disappointed that it doesn’t all yet make sense.

I would be a liar if I said the slim beauty body-weight culture doesn’t bother me, doesn’t affect me, doesn’t make me feel negative about myself at times. Am I all to blame for this? Are my female counterparts equally responsible? Do we have a warped view of how men view us? Of how other womyn view us? Why do I care about this so much? Why do I seem to have more questions than answers? Urrr. This makes me feel dizzy, really.

I may never figure this all out however I can tell you what my ideal world looks likes. A world where health is promoted more than beauty, where eating healthy and exercising is what is praised, no matter what shape we are. Where what we invest in our bodies is more important that what we invest on our bodies. That all shapes and sizes are recognized as beautiful. Where kids love their freckles and aren’t called fatsos. Where all types of people are on the cover of magazines. Where fat is not discriminated and people care more about someone’s health if they have too much weight rather than how it makes them look.

Maybe we would all feel better about ourselves if what we idealized in our culture was more a reflection of what we see in the mirror rather than trying to be like 2% of the population.

Perhaps one day we will figure this out and eating disorders, depression and self-confidence issues due to body weight image issues will be a thing of the past. Where the ill-looking mannequins will be the minority. Cause, really, as cliché as this post sounds, we would all be lying to ourselves if we said we were already there.

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