Day 2 -Moksha Teacher Training

I opened my eyes at 4:55 am this morning. Just like that. Except I thought it was the middle of the night rather than 5 mins. before having a machine wake up my most comfy body. Wasn’t too comatose this morning, usually isn’t the 1st, or 2nd  early morning. It’s the 3rd, 4th and 5 th that kills me.

My pictures today are random shots of Moksha Yoga poses. This is the eagle pose helping with flexibility, strength and balance. An eagle can be focused yet contained.

So I made it on time, early actually. I have this thing with being early with Moksha, consistently. Quite the contrary to everything else in my life. Unexplainable really.

I'm a fan of the tree pose for the wrong reason; I love trees!

So not only did I have my first meditation class ever this morning (no I did not bring my fancy pillow, it still seems too fancy) but there I was doing the earliest yoga class I’ve done in my life. As I let my thoughts drift (which I shouldn’t be doing) I thought to myself how happy I am to have all this time to just focus on me, on my health, on the way I walk and sit, on stretching, taking my vitamins, eating right, learning about something I love, breathing deeply. It’s quite incredible! I’m pretty frickin lucky! Really. I think I actually felt emotional about it, which was odd. It past quickly though.

Our lectures were interesting today, anatomy was one of my favorite. The teacher was quite exceptional and did you know that spreading your toes helps you activate your arches. So if you have flat feet it can help with your balance.

Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Kapotasana) Most people's favourite pose!

Moment of the day: As I looked around the class of 64 participants, 4 or 5 are men, one of our teachers pointed out that 80 years ago womyn were not allowed to study yoga. Encouraged me to feel gratefulness for all the womyn who have fought/fight for womyn to be an equal gender with equal opportunities.

Corpe Pose (Savasna). This is Moksha's hardest pose. I kid you not (so says the Moksha educators and teachers). How hard can the series be if this is the hardest pose? You'll have to try and tell me what you think 🙂

I will be bringing my camera tomorrow so I will actually be taking pictures at the location rather than from in my room.


  1. Salut toi ! I just wanted to tell you that Marley and I are having fun reading you every night so far :-). I hope for you that the next few morning wont be to bad. I’m happy that you are doing what you love right now and taking time for yourself. It’s good to hear that you are having fun which it would be not possible for you not having fun doing yoga everyday!!!

    • Thanks for reading! Glad it puts a smile on your face 🙂 And yes I’m really enjoying the fact that it is possible for me to do hot yoga everyday. We’ll see how I feel on Day 13th or 25 though. 😉

      • LOL im sure you will be fine!! Who knows, you might have more energie than ever lol

  2. LOL im sure you will be fine!! Who knows, you might have more energie than ever 😉 lol

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