Day 22 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

It gets hard to chose what, out of my day, I should share in this blog. So much happens. So many interesting moments, learning moments, sad moments, happy moments, connecting moments, tired moments (I could go on here -see my point). My days are filled with such a variety.

The selection begins.

Many memories were created today by learning more on numerous topics as some students shared their 10 minute presentations with the class (mine is on Sunday). Topics ranged from laughter yoga to fatfobia to a choreography directed, practice and performed with 60 people in 12 minutes.


What I most appreciated from these presentations was how open people were as they shared their knowledge, their opinions, their feelings. I felt deeply privileged to be on the receiving end as it seemed to be coming from a place deep within. It was almost as though I could feel what they were talking about rather than mainly processing the information through auditory channels.

We also spent our practice teaching this afternoon doing an exercise that was a version of American Idol called Moksha Idol. Our names were put in a draw and if selected we had to come and instruct 7 people in front of a panel of judges/amazing teachers. In my opinion it was more an exercise for our anxiety than anything. Although I must say the feedback was very informative. We did this for 3 hours and everytime a name was picked I think my heart started picking up a beat.

2 hours and 59 mins. later and about 45 names had been called to face the crowd and judges and I was not one of them. I was sooo relieved. Mostly because I had already faced my fears once this morning as I did my first live 15 mins. of teaching half the class as part of an hour and a half class that started at 6:45 am. It was hard but went better than I thought. It was the start. Hopefully the start of something big in my life.

As we played Moksha Idol.

On a last note I will answer a question my friend Melodie asked me earlier today:

hey, i was thinking about before you left and all the yoga you were doing and how sore you could be so how is it right now with yoga 6 days a week?

This part of the training has actually been easier than I thought. The preparation I did before leaving doing double yoga classes with a combination of cross training apparently worked. I don’t find my body to be too sore (acting up of chronic ailments excluded). The healthy parts of my body are a little more tight than usual but overall it’s not a bother or something I find overly challenging. Also, usually the 2nd class we do a day, is low key. Most of the time it’s not even in the hot room but rather the practice room which for me is such a different experience for my physical body. Txs for asking!

Bonne nuit!


  1. jai finalement imprimer tes 22 jours de blog a soir ! je sais que ca ma prit du temps mais au moins cest fais maintenant et je compte le faire a tout les prochain nouveau que tu va ecrire.

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