Day 24 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

So I’m about to whine, not about how tired I am (cause I’m not), or how sore I am (not again) by rather whine about this presentation I have to give tomorrow.

I do not miss school. I’m quite happy to be done with it. I love learning! L-o-v-e  i-t. But presentations and exams are not my forte. Don’t like them at all. And I don’t miss the days when being a student felt like there were no days off, because there was ALWAYS something to be studying for or, I was left feeling guilty about not studying.

It would have been fun to go to the Lilith Fair today or meet up with some yogis at my favourite restaurant in TO: Fresh. I guess I could have done the restaurant thing but I just wanted to keep my focus in line with this presentation. Although I now find myself procrastinating and finding any excuse I can not to focus, like writing this blog for the sole purpose of whining about my presentation. Whain, Whain, Whain. How annoying. Honouring this no negative self talk for 30 days I must also add: I love myself, and really is annoying negative? Annoying is just annoying.

This picture was taken last spring as my friends Melodie and Eddie and I went for a walk in the Edmonton River Valley.

Fun things I did today: kept working on that picture/video montage. I should have asked to submit that as an idea for my presentation. That would have been FUN. And because this video thing is all self taught, it totally would have fallen in-line with learning. Sigh + Urr.

One of the presentations a student gave the other day was on an art project. She is very smart and creative this womyn. She took a yoga mat and permanent markers and invited everyone to the front to write something on the mat for 10 mins.. Everyone loved it. It was a fabulous idea. And her presentation was done.  So simple. Much simpler than mine.

Here’s a trailer for a documentary we watched in class yesterday called Yoga Inc.. It’s basically a perspective of the commercialization of yoga. There are divided opinions behind this in parts of the yoga community. I could probably write a whole blog on this and perhaps I will, just not now, however the gist of mine is that yoga doesn’t hurt people whether it is practiced in a park or a business. If it is the capitalist business model we don’t like, then focus on changing that system and just let yoga be.

Well back at it I go. Sigh + double Urr. Love.

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