Yin Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver Day 8

I’m  e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d, joyfully so! A most excellent 8 days not only of intensive teacher training but also of visiting beauty-filled souls. Many of whom I had not seem in more years than I can count on one hand. Too much time has elapse but gratefulness that we have remained connected despite time and space.

We practiced teaching again on this last day of teacher training. It went well. I had the opportunity to teach one on one with Donna -my very first Moksha teacher. It felt like such an honour to have her as a student and hear her feedback. The words rolled better off my tongue it seemed and I felt more connected with my intuition. It was challenging to say the least as there were 20 of us teaching at the same time in an area as big as an average yoga class. This highly challenged our concentration as well as trying to remain in the present ON our mats.

So as promised here are extract of my notes for the week. This is a great way for me not to type what I think anymore. I shall end with this as my body is aching for sleep. It is marvellous being in a province where insomnia does not exist for me and I get to wake up early by choice rather than by an annoying machine but at the same time my body feels 2 – 3 times as tired at this time and staying awake becomes tres difficile.

Random Notes:

– there’s no absolute. Even with Yin you’ll find Yang and vice versa. Cold water can be Yin but in comparison to ice it is Yang.

– the 3 principles of Yin are: 1) come into an appropriate depth in a pose. 2) Become still 3) Hold for time.

– When we stress our tissues we are stressing the cell membranes and are getting them active.

– Stress is as important as rest, we have just lost the ability to find enough rest to balance the stress in our day to day live.

– Rule number one: There are no rules! Never is Never right. Always is always wrong.

– The heat works more on muscles, the cold works more on ligaments.

– Having a cold (the one with sniffles) every now is good for our body to help build our immune system. It’s best not to fight it but rather stay at home and rest it out.

– The fascia and our bones are not separate. You can’t really see where a tendon or muscle begins or ends. It is not as separate as we might think. 30% of a muscle is fascia.

– your range of motion is very much determined by your bones not just your dedication to stretching. Don’t assume tension is the only thing stopping them. Don’t assume you know what  student os feeling, ask them.

– don’t put someone else’s head above you own.

– many injuries in yoga tend to happen in and out of postures, another reason to transition mindfully.

– water retention can affect our flexibility especially for womyn.

– building and cars block the earth magnetic field which can be healing for us. The heart has the largest magnetic field in the body.

– Vitamin D is actually a hormone.

Thanks again for reading and following my yin teacher training journey! I head back home tomorrow.

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