Impressions of first evening in TO -exploring the sites and fence

The above video was made in the airplane on our way. Sound is not so great.

We arrived late this evening and decided to first start exploring the fence. The cab driver on our way said that about 60% of roads were shut down and many people did not have to go to work today and for the next few days. Upon our arrival the downtown core was swamped with cops and the fence was up. At first impression we were sure we could not go beyond the perimeter as many cops stood guard but a local informed us otherwise and said civilians still had full access within the perimeter.

As we entered we noticed multiple police trailers. We started asking questions to a pair of cops from Vancouver who did not let us film our questions but proceeded to also ask us questions as to why we were here. They also seemed quite surprised that we were showing up to protest as independents and not part of a group. After 5 minutes of chatting they were sooner relived “replaced” by another set of cops. Perhaps becoming too friendly was a no-no, or so we thought.  We said our goodbyes and kept walking within the perimeter and noticed carts of food and beverage going from cop to cop. Awww how nice for them. Then they stopped for us and asked us if we wanted some too. Really, free gelato, apricots, apples and water, for us? They also asked us why we were here and seemed to also have opinions on the G8G20 but could not talk for long as they seem to always have to keep rotating and moving. A second cart stopped and offered us more. We stocked up. Although we could not document this with video, we must say we took full advantage of such an opportunity and exchange. Karena mentioned to remember us when confronted with orders to gas or use sound canons and “stand down” as she put it.

We left the perimeter and checked out the spots where events are being organized in the next few days. 20 blocks later we arrived to a few locations. They are quite far from the perimeter as is tent city which will be taking place. We noticed many cops driving in fancy SUV’s patrolling the area.  However not many activist to be seen.

Day 1 -done.