Yin Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver 2010 -Day 4

Super day. It rained tonight as I discovered loving the smell of the following combo: rain + ocean + wind.

Something I’ve discovered with Yin yoga is that practicing first thing in the morning when you are feeling tired can quickly become a beneficial blur. I usually end up closing my eyes for most of the practice, feeling deep sensations in my body and in some ways this invites meditation much easier than asana’s (yoga poses) that require a lot of energy.  It almost feels like being in alpha state (the state of relaxation and peaceful awakefulness, associated with prominent alpha brain wave activity) for ours. This is a great place to be, it really does feel peaceful and a very relaxed present state. So perhaps doing yin yoga when feeling tired can actually increase the benefits of this type of yoga.

My revelation today is that I think I’m rediscovering porridge. It’s so pleasing to the taste buds and warms and soothes the stomach. I walked into Capers yesterday and instantly smelt it and wanted it. So I listened to this desire and replaced my orignal plan of going for the yogurt parfait. I savoured every bite. This morning it was the 1st thing on my brain after the morning yin class. And so I went for more. And now I can’t wait to savour it’s all around good feeling tomorrow morning.

An odd observation is that my knees have chronically a little sore recently and I’m not sure why. They are also starting to bother me just sitting here, but very lightly. They first started acting up in T.O. during the Moksha Teacher Training and they don’t seem to be getting better. Even pigeon is hurting my left knee now. Something it hasn’t done in the past. I’ve been backing off from the knee poses however perhaps I need to completely eliminate them for a while. They say people who do yoga usually get injured in their 3 – 4 -5 th year because your body gets overly confident. I’ve been trying to be mindful of this but perhaps I need to completely back off of certain poses.

In class today we covered more on the effects of energy including bioelectrical energy. Did you know that when we take antioxidants such as blueberries to fight off free radicals there is something else we could be doing that is as effective. Something you don’t actually end up ingesting but rather steeping on: the earth. So get your feet dirty! This is really quite fascinating. Here’s an article on it. Here’s another interesting piece of information, when you use a blow dryer close to your head you are exposing it to harmful electro magnetic field. To help protect yourself you can arrange to hang the dryer on a wall hook, get a flexible plastic hose for the nozzle, and direct the hot air to your head with the hose.

We also learnt more about Yin postures, what they are good for including what meridians they affect, what conditions shouldn’t be doing certain poses, how to work with props etc… Overall VERY informative! Still vey pleased wiht this teacher training.

Txs for reading! Bonne nuit or bonne journée!