Day 16 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

Thought of the Day: Day 14 + 2 days off = 16

Another training day, another great day. Lucky me. Really.

So funny moment happened today, ok maybe not funny but definitely insightfully interesting. Actually a few of these moments occurred.

Insightful moment 1: Kidnapped

You know the people who are funny by nature just by being themselves. They aren’t funny because they are telling a joke or a funny story, it is their mannerisms, the way they communicate that just is really entertaining. These people make me smile, lots! (for those reading this from work, people like Miss Marley).

There’s this sweet womyn in my course named Beth, she is the kind of womyn I just described. I forget how we got on the topic but passing in conversation she was commenting on how much of a tranquil, relaxed, calm individual I was. She assumed I had always been like this. I had never heard anyone describe me as such in my life. Me relaxed? Me not high strung or doing whatever I do fast? (note to CT workers: except cash of course :p )

I wasn’t kidding about the slow walking thing. Since I’ve been here my parasympathetic nervous system has kicked in and has kidnapped the way I’ve been living for so long. Will this remain? Will I come back a more calm, soft spoken, slow person? I doubt it, but perhaps I’ll find a new normal. Something in the middle perhaps. I must admit it’s a little annoying grocery shopping and it taking twice as long.

A sample of my lunch. A salad with: Watercress greens, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes, apples, cucumber, ginger and of course cheese. Delish.

Insightful moment number 2: Released.

What muscle helps us breath yet can accumulate a lot of tension and we would never know it? Here’s another hint: It is shaped like a parachute and is located beneath the lungs, under our floating ribs. It is …The Diaphragm.

Pierre our advanced anatomy teacher taught us a really neat technique he started (literally) years ago where we can release tension accumulated in our diaphragm. The sensations felt by people was everything from feeling light headed, to wanting to yell or start crying. It ends up helping many be able to take in more air after. It’s really quite neat. I’m not even sure I would have ever paid much attention to my diaphragm.

One of the 50 diaphragms Pierre released today. He was sweating he was working so hard. We were watching in amazement.

What can help release this tension without pulling on your connective tissue attached to your diaphragm: Free Hugs! That’s if you’re into hugs. This video is based on a true story viewed by over 60 000 000 people.