Phoenix, Sedona and Seductive food

Adventures with maman to Pheonix, Sedona and Canyon Ranch Health Retreat. I like writing when I travel away from home. And so I do.

Day 1

Phoenix, Arizona

I stepped outside this morning and the fact it was 40 degrees difference with Edmonton’s weather yesterday morning felt so surreal. This city is certainly not living on sheer ice where one almost needs spikes under their boots to ensure no falls. Other than the warmth, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly clean and well up-kept Phoenix is. It seems the Canadian cold does a fair number on houses, buildings and roads not to mention bare land has a much harder time hiding garbage.

My mom’s suggested number one spot of the day: Wholefoods Market where my eyes lite up as it did in Vancouver last summer shopping at my adult candy store. I love this store and this was the biggest one yet. It has everything a nutrient rich addict could want. I could eat there for the rest of my life and be plenty happy. Of course I had to pretend this addiction didn’t exist as I stayed focused on lunch, fresh coconut water and a yoga CD before our departure to Sedona.

Sipping liquid gold out of a coconut in Sedona

On the road to Sedona

The drive out of Pheonix was still feeling quite proper, no garbage, large lanes, dry land, cactus and a few trees.  And then I spotted it, or was it? A logo luring me into my second addiction; decaf dry grande cappuccino at starbucks; my love, my weakness. This weakness was soon rewarded as it scored us a free nights stay in Sedona. Apparently the tourist information store beside this deviant coffee shop has a promotion offering up to 3 free hotel nights to anyone who is over 25, making over $40 000, not married and willing to attend a 90 mins. seminar on timeshares. Oh if you are married and not traveling with your husband you don’t qualify. Hehe. And so I signed up and off we were resuming our journey feeling just a little luckier.

Fiery Sedona

Highlighting Sedona's architecture

Sedona greeted us with amazing architecture, fiery rich coloured rocks, stunning scenery and the biggest juniper trees ever. It is said to be a magical place with Shamans, powerful gems, artists and sunsets highlighting its fire. We checked in to our free room with a most luxurious view and took a stroll on the ‘commercial’ ave where I found 20 years old aged vinegar. Yum. This shop had oil and vinegar tasting from strawberry to lavender lime vinegar. How could I not buy into this after making balsamic dressing for almost everyday of my life

Sunset in Sedona

The day ended with one of the best raw food/vegan café I have ever been to! Two nutrient rich fixes in one day, score. This place is called Chocolatree and their food was most orgasmic down to licking every finger at least twice. We started withThai Spring Rolls prepared with fresh basil and mint and split a raw Taco and vegan Burrito as we sipped on our tincture infused tea topped off by indulging in a slice of raw spiced pie. Pure Love, awesome day.

My maman sporting the sky just outside Sedona