Just feeling urrrrr.

I’m really tired of not writing, of ranting, of releasing. I seem to be overly busy these days, what’s F&^%ing new? My whole life has consisted of overly busyness where boredom becomes a luxury. Even now I shouldn’t be writing, I should be reading, studying, emailing people, writing a book report. Well FUCK it, in the best way possible.  There was a time in my life when life slowed down for me, where I actually felt on top of things, where I actually found time to spend leisurely time doing things I love such as arts and crafts and outdoor activities. Now I have to book these plenty in advance and forget the arts and craft part, ya not happening at all. Who does that as an adult anymore anyways. Do we stop because no time allows for it? Or is it simply because these days are just over?

So back to this one time in my life, this time was rural BC living near a town called Winlaw also close to Nelson. I was more than poverty struck when it came to what capitalism deems as important but I was rich in time and felt a lot more in control of my life. Playing catch up wasn’t a part of my life, enjoying nature for what it is was.

In Winlaw enjoying one of nature's gems; food.

Something else that bugs me these days is how much we accept being superficial, how much time and money so many of us spend seeking it, how many of us ultimately are negatively affected by it when we are not the prettiest girl in the room. And when I say “us” I’m mostly referring to womyn here because I can’t stop but notice how many men just don’t spend nearly 1/10th of the time womyn do on their superficial being. Yes it’s fun to play dress up but does it really have to consume our everyday lives everywhere we go. Recently I found out that at hockey games employees actually get in trouble if they showcase unattractive womyn on screen, because yes it is definitely a pre-requisite to be attractive in order to be a hockey fan. Dicks!

And then the city I live in recently has one thing on their mind other than sexing themselves up: the grey cup. The news won’t even announce what the weather is today but rather replaced the word today with grey cup. Sports is such a sexist affair in our society. When the fuck do womyn assemble in a city at over 200 000 for any event for that matter? Men have football, hockey, basetball, fast car races and womyn have manicures, pedicures, clothes shopping to accompany these fans at events where fried food, drunkenness and ups and downs, depending on the scores, accompanies the event.  And they say womyn are hormonal. Exclamation mark.

I guess feeling this pissed means I care and am alive and well, cheers to that! And off I go trying to keep up with my day.  This time however, I’m feeling just a little less stuffy.