Day 29 and 30 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

I’m officially a Yoga Teacher! Yeeeeeeaaaaah! Wow, sometimes there are only words to say: there are no words and I kind of feel this way right now. Adding to this is total exhaustion but not an angry resentful exhaustion or even a “I’ve been bad to my body” exhaustion but more of a I’ve disciplined myself to the core and made it through an intensive 30 day course exhaustion.

We stayed at the “moksha farm” last night. The one I previously showed pictures from, the farm that belongs to Jessica’s (co-founder of Moksha yoga) wonderful parents and where the 1st studio resides. We had a talented talent show. No exageration, I was blown away by all the talent that expressed itself. It was incredible. I would have paid premium money to see these acts. I participated in a Bollywood performance and previewed the trailer to the slide show/vid. montage I’ve been working on.

We ate delicious food, had a camp fire and received our certificates. Along with these certificates we were all given a notable mention award. I was awarded the “sparkly eyes, smiling heart” award which really touched me profoundly. What an amazing award to be recognized for. Being surrounded by such captivating learning opportunities mixed with kind hearted people ignited in me such smiles and sparkles. The sparkles found in these people made me smile. Their courage to open up and share their delicate self was a profound experience and privilege for me. I got to know people deeply, people who were but strangers 30 days ago. What an honour. An honour that has made my heart grow.

So it is with this enriched heart that I return to the west with. A beauty-full heart because if there was one word to sum up this experience it would be beauty-full!

This is sweet Shawna in Savasana at the beach. Love this picture and how the sun is shining on her.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for following this journey and for being incredibly supportive in making such an experience true for me. Merci. BEAUCOUP.

Transitioning from this journey to the next with my favourite pose, dancers pose.