Day 18 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

I don’t have much tonight. I’ve taken full advantage of my day off to get caught up with laundry, have an active release therapy massage, get groceries, prepare food, reply to overdue emails and type out some of my notes. Next thing I know it is 10 pm.

So today’s blog will be a peek into my notes. Perhaps a little boring for some of you and highly interesting for others. Most of them are in point form.

On Breathing:

  • When you take a really big inhale you are telling the body there are no lions out there, the body can relax. There are no threats.
  • Stress causes shallow breathing
  • Toxins also leave our body via our lungs

About our spine:

  • The curve in spine helps absorb pressure
  • For this reason yoga teachers should say lift your spine rather than straighten your spine b/c a straight back will put more pressure on it.

Speaking of spines, here’s an interesting video a dear person sent my way. How does one support this much spinal pressure? Incredible.

About our feet:

  • Those who have sciatica should not inner rotate their feet while doing yoga.
  • Very important to use the inner and outside of your feet when in standing poses as they engage different muscles.
  • When you flex your feet it is important to keep them as flat as possible.

About Moksha Poses:

  • 3 aspects to every pose:
  1. Breath awareness: brings us back to the moment, relaxes the body.
  2. Containment: contain the energy, draw it into the posture, not just hanging out in the posture. Feeling the sensations of muscular contraction when stretching (wrapping the muscles around the bone)
  3. Expression: open up into it, express it! Joy.

Here’s a Moksha 101 video for those who aren’t familiar with this style. I …..probably should have posted this at the beginning of my blog :p