Day 17 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

Random meditation artifact hanging out in teacher training space.

Oh la la. Je suis fatigue. So happy it’s Saturday, my one day weekend, woop woop! I’m almost too tired to write this blog, but if I can wake at 5 am, 6 days a week I can do this. Right.

Today was our last day with Pierre. As a part of this training, he really was another amazing teacher! They have not only been knowledgeable, but most approachable, kind, compassionate and fuuun.

Here are 2 videos Pierre shared with us.

This one is about the hard love that is found between dads and their son(s). The type of love that isn’t so easily expressed but is as desired, needed and nourishing. It is a greek vid. very well made. Very.

This next video give us an example of something the human body is capable of doing when it uses co-contraction. Simply put co-contraction can be definied as the simultaneous contraction of agonist and antagonist muscles around a joint to hold a position. This can make for very strong lean muscles. Big muscles don’t necessarly mean strong muscles.

As you will see in this video this pair do not have big muscles but the muscles they do have are most powerful in strength. This is a type of strength that can be developed in yoga when you co-contract (hug the bones with our muscles is another way of describing it) while in poses. For example while your arms are raised in a lunge pose, although the focus may be in the legs, you can still activate (co-contract) the muscles in your arms. Co-contracting can also help contain your body and its alignment in place. Nuff said, as I remind myself, this is a blog not a class.

Enjoy watching the spectacular demonstration!

There are many things I could be doing right now, keep writing this blog, prepare for my class presentation, reply to emails, study the teaching script, laundry, but I’m going to chose none of these. I’m going to shut down my computer and turn on the TV and actually watch it. I’ve turned it on once before but felt I could better spend my time so I started reading yoga instead with the still TV on. I deserve to do nothing but stare at a screen, to veg., to relax and I plan to enjoy it guilt free.

Txs for following my journey! Thanks for your interest!  I hope you are all enjoying a fun weekend with lot’s of soleil.