Day 21 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

Did you awake this morning or did you wake up?

It’s a little hard getting motivated to write tonight. We finished class late and I’ve been studying for teacher training practice tomorrow morning. I get to teach half the class for 15 mins.. Ohhhh ya. Hmm.

We finished late because we had a new guest teaching us tonight. His name is Michael Stone and he is quite an odd person. Odd in a good way and I’m thinking he may even see such a description as a compliment.

He has a very strong calming energy, very grounding, doesn’t have answer for everything, calls things as he sees them and even asked us not to give hugs to people during an exercise we did where some people got teary eyed. He asked us this because he believes in experiencing moments to feel. When we hug someone who is about to cry, many times more than not it shuts down the emotion rather than open it up. It becomes distracted.

I’m still taking in a lot of what he shared. It was a 4 hour lecture, so hard to resume in this  blog, but it pushed my perception boundary, my belief system but at the same time in a lot of ways it resonated with how I feel.

He also talked about how we create stories in our head and live in these stories so much more than living in the moment and moving on to the next moment once that one is done. The moment is described as being present in your environment, not being present in your head while you are on autopilot in your environement. I tried this as I was walking home, I realized I looked up and around for a change. I noticed the top of trees, their bark, the wind ruffling through the leaves much more than the cracks in sidewalks as thoughts usually feed my mind stories.

I realize it is so cliche to say “live the moment” but really, try it sometime, it’s almost as hard as meditation if not harder. No jokes. This means no stories in your head about anything, no lists you’re running through, no feeling bad about reacting meanly to someone that day, no thinking of the size of your ass yo barely ever see, how you can’t wait to talk to your boyfriend when you get home,  but rather feeling your tangible, present, environment and being there with it, engaged.

I leave you with his thoughts on what he thinks our biggest addictions are in our current society: Fame, RRSP’s and Romantic Love.