Day 28 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

So this video montage is almost done! I feel a little bad that it has cut into my blogging time these days but hopefully you’ll be able to soon see the final product giving you a glimpse of what this intense and passionate experience has felt like. It’s about 20 mins., which feels long but it’s hard trying to capture 60 students in 30 days. And when you have such great pics., such great video to pick from, where does one cut?

Today I felt great gratitude. I felt grateful for being here, grateful for everyone else being here, grateful for our teachers, the organizers, grateful for everyone who has made this possible for me. From my parents support to all my friends who have been patient with my absence and all the people at work who have worked a little harder while I was gone, THANK YOU!

I dedicated this grounding and relaxing posture (savasana) today to all those who made this moment beautiful and possible.

You all rock, I love you tones and feel utmost grateful for everyone who have aligned the stars for me. I have come here to nurture my soul and grow and … mission accomplished to the fullest of full. I also came here to become a yoga teacher and as of today I receive this accomplishment with an open heart.

Yoga Bliss on the beach

I taught my first full class today to one of the other teachers. We headed for the beach and wow oh wow I couldn’t ask for a better teaching feeling to be left with. It was our cherry on the Sundae, our shining moment as we both grounded our feet into the sand, felt the sun on our skin, heard the birds fly around us and watched the wind create water ripples in the great lake! It was bliss I cherish.

Mindful moments to remember for ever!

This piece is from the mat we all wrote on for one of the teacher's art project/presentation I mentioned a few blogs ago.