Day 1

I’ve decided to log my experience during the Moksha yoga teacher training I’m taking.

I arrived a few days earlier to settle in and become acquainted with the neighbourhood. It’s quaint. It’s no little Drayton Valley and although there are many convenience stores that have fresh fruits and vegetables for sale, there aren’t as many healthy food take out stores as I would like in the area. For those familiar with Organic Roots Cafe in edmonton -my FAVORITE take out place ever, there isn’t one of those kicking around.

So class started at 1 pm today, it being Canada Day and all. People seem nice, teachers seems pleasant and kind, space is ok -one big open space with no chairs or tables (more bring your own style).

There’s only 2 washrooms which can make it tricky during pee breaks as everyone is encouraged to drink more water than they ever have before. So basically the bathroom seems to always be occupied as 1 of the 64 students seems to have the urge to go.

There are 2 fridges we can use, it will be interesting to see tomorrow if everyone’s food fits, especially since we are greatly encouraged to bring our own food every day.

We did many circle activities today where you go around and introduce yourself and say why you’re here and what you hope to get out of it. I kept mine short and sweet: “My name is Sophie, I came here to learn more about something I love and what I hope to get out of it is be able to share it others when I get back. Oh and learn how to breath better”. We then had to recite the 3 names of the people sitting to the left of us.

We were then put in a smaller circle, divided the group into 4, and had to ask one question to one person. Someone asked me what was my most proud accomplishment in life? Hmmm…. mmmmm….. I don’t normally have “most’s” is what I first answered, still searching in my head, still not coming to me. Finally I said “fuck it” in my head, I should have an answer for this!, so I said: being here. How cheese. I just couldn’t think of anything specific. And in retrospect I don’t think it’s that there isn’t anything I’m proud of accomplishing, just that I feel as though I’ve accomplished lot’s of little things in my life rather than just a few big things. This being a little thing too.

Well I should get to bed soon but first here’s a picture of something about my day as it always makes blogs more interesting. Here’s my meditation pillow that I will be bringing to class tomorrow and it will be remaining there for the next 30 days probably used more for sleeping while sitting then meditation.

Funny story about the meditation pillow is that I think have quite the fancy one. I have no experience with this type of pillows and so I went to Polly Magoos to order one before I left Edmonton and this is what I purchased. Many of the people there today seemed to have round one’s that look like a cushion.

Fancy Meditation Pillow