Day 13 -Moksha Teacher Training

I didn’t sleep so well last night but somewhere in there I had about 4 hours of sleep. Tonight will be better. Although not being a morning person and feeling tired during our 7 am classes, I’ve been surprised with my ability to get through yoga and feel good about it. And this morning reminded me of why.

I would like to introduce Dina. She was our remarkable anatomy teacher with a style I greatly appreciate: hands on. Wish I could have worked longer on the picture, but night calls. Dina is soon to be a certified osteopath and is also co-owner of a Moksha studio in montreal. Today was our last class with her..

Hot yoga, without fail for my body type, has not only felt as though it cleanses my physical body with all the sweaty beads of sweat that pouring out of my body including in places you would never imagine could sweat (like your shins) but somehow this physical experience also cleanses my mind, my feelings and channels my energy. It makes it all flow and flow out it goes.

This is probably why I have been so drawn to this practice over the years. It can help unstick me sort of speak. It’s not like it has been a miracle cure in curing me from feeling negative emotions but it definitely moves them in the right direction. And as far as my physical bobos go, it helps me manage my physical challenges. It’s also has drastically changed my circulation. It’s almost like attending a class is like having a treatment or body work done.

Being here has been fabulously rewarding for a plethora (love this word!) of reasons and one of these has been learning more in detail how to improve my practice. For example I used to go a lot more for depth in postures which in some cases can actually end up putting more strain on the body.

What I’m learning is that focusing on containment, by rooting, grounding, engaging muscles to be wrapped around our bones, and working with our breath to stretch SLOWLY into the posture is key. It’s definitely a different way of practicing which I believe is less hard on the body yet as rewarding if not more rewarding. You just might not look as “hot” doing the postures. Although that’s debatable.

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