Day 19 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

Retro subway wheels that drove me home tonight.

Today’s journal question: What have you learned so far that has surprised you (about yoga, yourself, nature of things).

I wrote.

1) I’m surprised that I can make water taste and look so good.

My recipe:

  • Chlorinated TO tap water
  • Glass bottle or jar
  • Concentrated organic Lemon Juice
  • Fresh Peppermint leaves

Adding one of the follwing ingredients (or a medley of):

  • blueberries
  • strawberries (my favorite)
  • raspberries
  • cucumber

The lemon juice seems to extract some of the sugar found in the fruit, especially the strawberries. Some would argue the above concoction isn’t water anymore, but if it helps you drink water, why not dress it up with a few natural ingredients. It’s like drinking water with a slice of lemon, while eating a strawberry and after chewing on a peppermint leaf for fresh breath. I would love to try it with a dash of maple syrup and sea salt too. The dash of sea salt would replenish the body with the same minerals found in coconut water and would be more environmentally friendly. Business anyone?

So crappy pic. but you get the idea.

2) I’m surprised to learn that I can kick in the parasympathetic mode for weeks at a time rather than hours. Not so suprised about how good it feels.

3) I was wondering how it would feel to be free of coffee, wine and nicotine. I’ve discovered it clears communication between the body and mind and gives me more information about what my body is feeling. Ok so not a big revelation here but actually rediscovering what this feels like is much more powerful than writing out a repeated cliche (sorry).

4) I’m surprised to learn that even when I am living the healthiest of lifestyle, Crohn’s is still by my side. I really hoped I would have seen more of a cause and effect between an utmost heathy nourishing environment and flare-ups, but so far none are found. Mentally and emotionally there are changes but physically not so much (I must mention that, here or not, I usually eat a healthy diet and practice yoga).

5) I’m surprised to learn that I can work on breaking down scar tissue even when it is quite old.

6) I’m surprised to learn that one of my biggest emotional challenges is: truly letting go of things. Letting go of things that bother me. Things that upset me. Things I cannot change. It may very well be the area of my soul that needs most work. I feel as though with certain things I can cut ties but others a string seems to be holding on. Perhaps it is a string of hope. Hope that those “things” could be different, perhaps it is a string representing the forgiveness required in order to let go or that a lesson still needs to be learnt (please no more lessons). Whatever it is I’m confident that one day I will know.

7. I’m surprised about the powers of my Moola Bhanda! My what? Trust me it is very odd and difficult to describe and  … a tad embarrassing. It is a completely new intense sensation I can activate in my root chakra that at this point, I’m not too sure what to do with!?!

8) Teaching yoga is harder than it sounds and looks.

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