Day 20 -Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

Homemade breakfast/lunches vs. blog. Close call but blog wins!

I woke up this morning with 4 hrs of sleep. Insomnia overstayed her visit again last night. Had been a while, so, much catching up to do. When I arrived to class this morning I did something I had not yet done. Lied down through a whole yoga class. Then we had an hour for breakfast which I traded in for sleep and woke up, ever so gently to most of the class sharing their energy in a circle singing together with yogi Keith on guitar.**I wanted to show a short clip of this but seems I would have to upload the vid. on youtube, I can’t figure out how to upload it straight for my computer **

It is incredible the difference this had on my day though. I felt rested, chatted with people during breaks, even ventured out for cookies and frozen yogurt with a sweet gal I met in class. It was nice. It felt like a “normal” day.

It got me thinking more about Crohn’s and why it’s standing so close to me. Even though I am living the healthiest of lifestyle, I feel tired everyday. Yes I take naps and it helps keep my eyes open during class, it does its job of getting me by so I can take advantage of learning the impressive material covered with great interest. Still, it is a struggle and this struggle seems to add stress on my body. And it is not that I am certain of this theory. It could very well be that no matter what I do this shadow will always follow me.

Crohn’s and stress aside I still feel the days are too long. This week for example we have practice teaching study time to squeeze in and additional time prepping for a 10 mins. presentation. So this is the main reason I decided to cut into my food preparation time, eat out more this week for my main meals during class, eat soup when I get home and keep writing my blog (although it may be a little shorter some days).

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