Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2010 day 2

Ok so it’s 11 pm and as usual I should be in bed. Instead I will try and type super fast but really lighty as my roomate has just went to dodo. She is very accommodating, both of the people I’m staying with are but I still feel bad. Plus I still have homework to read …

Another awesome day!

You know when people fall in love when they least expect it? Well this is totally what I think is hapening. I have regarded the sun as a goddess so much so I couldn’t image living in Vancouver no matter how absolutely amazing the culture and life style was here. So I never did imagine. Now I think I’m falling in love with this city, with its people, its shops, its outdoor activities, its biodiversity, its smell, its humidity, its ocean. I just realized today that the beach is literally 5 blocks away from where I’m staying, how cool! I smeel it everytime I go outside. It is such an amazing smell.

I went back to my new favorite grocery store this morning for breakfast, it’s called Capers. I could hang out literally all day there. Apparently there’s another chain called wholefoods that is equally filled with delicious yummy nutritious goodness. This evening I found another store I could spend all day in. It was filled with health, meditation, yoga and reading products. It also smelt so good.

So class yes … well lot’s more interesting knowledged gained today. The biggest had to be “every ‘body’ is different”. What a revelation, I know. Seriously it was. Down to the bone level. Never a good idea to push/force someone in a pose or single them out for doing a pose differently because our bones are made so differently and someitmes no matter how much we practice this will not change the fact that bone stopping bone exists. I have now gained skills helping to recognize these signs with students and with my own practice.

Ok sorry so short, but I feel too bad about this typing noise. I will try and write more tomorrow night.

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