Yin Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver 2010 Day 3

Here it goes, you’ll have to excuse my tiredness which may reveal itself by an unusual writing style pour moi. I may also be PMSing which may explain the anger I was feeling tonight for no real reason. So fun being hormonal. So fun.

Another great day in the city of Vancouver! The course rocked. We learnt a lot about our energy bodies and about different types of medicine other than Western Medicine. Many of which acknowledges our energetic being. It’s not like our planet (or us) depend on energy to survive. Or that it is remotely important when it comes to our ‘covered up’ reasons for why we go to war and kill and destroy people’s families. Or that we jeopardize our health over by exploiting unhealthy energy sources so we can keep our civilization going (or silently kill them off in some cases though disease caused by toxins). Nope, energy really ain’t that big of a deal for this planet so why would we ever think to look at it when it comes to our bodies. Yes, tres cheeky.

The energy thing really resonates with me because of the stickyness I feel and shared about during my Moksha Teacher Training (TT). An analogy we learnt today is that it’s like a garden hose. If you leave your hose outside for a summer while you’re gone on vacation, it can get clogged up with dirt, twigs, dead insects, etc. You turn the tap on when you get back and the water can’t get through. You play around with the hose, bend it where the build up is and loosen it up. You turn the hose back on and voila now the water pushes all of this out and can get through. Our energy lines in our bodies can work in a very similar way. This is probably why on an emotional and energetic level I usually feel better after yoga. Not just on a physical level.

I went for a yummy breakfast on the beach this morning with Donna from Edmonton (a moksha teacher who’s also taking the training). We ate porish and shared stories while feeling the sun mixed with the salty breeze on our skin. I know such a tough morning. I also walked along this same beach on the way back from TT heading to Moksha class. So many people were enjoying the beach playing volleyball, freesbee, lying soaking up the sun, swimming, picnicking, wow. Such a fun activity to be able to chose from when living in a city.

I have found a downside to this city though that I wasn’t expecting. The city is not recycling friendly. I find this pretty lame and unbelievable as it is recognized as such a green city and province. Perhaps they recycle at home but in the streets there are no recycling bin. They have a few garbage bins with about 4 -5 spaces around it to put round bottles but that’s about it and it’s not everywhere because Granville Island has none of these types of garbage bins. So people are not only throwing out paper and plastic but also bottles. In Toronto they have 2 recycling bins for every one bin of garbage, very recycling friendly! I may write a letter to the mayor and council about this because it’s such a waste for a city enriched by such natural beauty.

Dodo time! Txs for reading!


  1. all bottles are refundable here. if you leave them beside/near a garbage, they will get picked up and recycled. many people make a living out of this collection.

    • I think it’s awesome to leave them for people who are making a living this way however don’t you think they should also have recycling bins for plastic and paper (beside garbage bins as a lot of our waste is recyclable)? I did see some bins in the market on Granville Island today =:) Thanks for your comment! Je t’appelle demain 🙂

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